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The Tron crypto-project has become one of the most successful startups in the crypto-industry, raising $70 million in 2017. Two years later, it has grown into a real “giant” and is building a decentralized Internet 3.0 together with BitTorent.

Tron completed the ICO in early September 2017. Then the project became one of the largest crowdfunding in history, raising $70 million for its development.

The crypto start-up initially set itself a high bar – to replace the Ethereum blockchain, on which most crypto-projects develop their decentralized applications and launch cryptocurrencies.

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And so that statements are not unfounded, Tron has developed a blockchain capable of processing up to 2000 transactions per second. Ethereum, by comparison, can only carry out 25 transactions per second. For this, Tron was nicknamed “Ethereum Killer”.

As a result, after two years, 577 crypto-projects built their decentralized applications on Tron. Among them, technology giants such as BitTorrent.

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And Justin Sun, the founder and CEO of Tron, even had a lunch with financial market legend Warren Buffett.

But Tron has another side. Even at the ICO stage, experts have repeatedly blamed the project for plagiarism. Like, the startup took most of its white paper from other blockchains. Not to mention reproaches for centralization and embezzlement of money only for marketing.

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